Police Beat for Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

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A 29-year-old Salem woman has been arrested for violation of bail bond.  Lindsay Holsapple of Willow Place was arrested by Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Two others were arrested by sheriff’s deputies and were being held on Tuesday at the Marion County Jail on outstanding warrants.  41-year-old Tina Murphy of East Pine in Irvington was arrested on an outstanding Marion County DUI warrant.  25-year-old Joshua Williamson of East 5th in Centralia was picked up on an outstanding Clinton County warrant.  

Marion County Court Report for September 16th, 2014

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Bond has been set at $5,000 for a 40-year-old Iuka man who has been formally charged in Marion County Court with domestic battery. Chad Schoreck of Mary Lane is accused of pulling Kendra Schoreck out of the vehicle by her arm and pulling her into the ditch where he wrapped a shirt around her neck.   He’s later accused of grabbing her head and pushing her into the vehicle console.   Schoreck had the public defender appointed to represent him.  

Two others have been charged with criminal trespass to real property.  33-year-old Jeremy Malcolm of North Merritt in Odin and 45-year-old Jeffrey Holstlaw of South College in Salem are accused of entering a building owned by Dalton Moving and Storage at 601 South Maple in Salem.  Bond for Malcolm was set at $5,000.  Holstlaw, who posted bond following the Sunday arrest, was given a notice to appear in court for October 12th.  

New Subpoena Issued for Ill. Anti-Violence Program

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CHICAGO (AP) – Federal authorities in Chicago issued a new subpoena over records involving Gov. Pat Quinn’s troubled anti-violence program, state officials confirmed Tuesday. 

The 2010 Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, the subject of a scathing state auditor general’s report for mismanagement and misspending, already has been under scrutiny by federal prosecutors in Springfield, the Cook County state’s attorney and a legislative commission.

The subpoena, dated Aug. 27, was delivered to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, the state agency that took over NRI, according to agency spokeswoman Cristin Evans. It stemmed from a February special grand jury in Chicago and sought copies of documents, memos and timesheets, among other things, to be delivered for a panel meeting Sept. 4. 

She called the request “a formality” because Springfield prosecutors and the Cook County state’s attorney’s office already had asked for and received the same records. She said federal officials in Chicago now had them. 

“The requirements of the subpoena have been fulfilled,” she said in a statement. 

Quinn championed the anti-violence program in 2010 to target the causes of neighborhood violence, but Republicans have alleged it was a “political slush fund” since it was started weeks ahead of the November election. Quinn, who is facing re-election with a challenge from Republican Bruce Rauner, has denied the claim. 

Quinn said he took action by abolishing the agency initially running the program. Quinn spokesman Grant Klinzman said state agencies have been directed to “fully support the inquiry.”

The subpoenas were first reported by the Chicago Tribune.

Christ Our Rock Grows in 11th Year

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Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School has it’s largest enrollment ever in it’s 11th year of operation.

The Private Lutheran High School announced on Tuesday that it’s 2014-2015 school year enrollment was 111 students. Among those students are 31 freshmen, 23 Sophomores, 25 Juniors, and 32 Seniors. One exchange student from Mexico and an international student from China have joined the student body this year as well.

With more students comes a need for more space. Executive Director and School Principal Don Duensing (Den-Sing) says that a new track, as well as softball and soccer fields, will be completed this fall. Expansions scheduled for next year include a new wing of classrooms, a weight room, and an expanded art room.

CORLHS students come from across the region, with students hailing from Ashley, Carlyle, Centralia, Dix, Greenville, Hoffman, Hoyleton, Irvington, Nashville, Odin, Okawville, Patoka, Richview, Sandoval, Salem, and Woodlawn.

Bad Joke? Salem Comedienne Finds Burning Chair Cushion in Yard

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A Salem resident who is a comedian on Facebook believes someone who doesn’t like her type of humor is responsible for throwing a burning chair cushion into her front yard.  

Sarah Boyles of East Elm reported the incident to police early Sunday night.  Police say the fire was out on their arrival and did no damage.  Boyles said she did not see who threw the burning cushion.  She did not want to sign a complaint, so no further investigation is planned.  

Boyles has been running a campaign for mayor on her Facebook page, but actually picked up petitions for the office on Monday.  So far she is the only candidate to have picked up a packet for the Mayor’s job.   Current Mayor John Raymer has announced he will not run again.

Suspect Seeks Bond in Belleville Meat-Tampering Case

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EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) – A southwestern Illinois man accused of inserting what prosecutors called “booby trap” sewing needles into packaged supermarket meats has asked a federal judge to reconsider denying him bond.

Ronald Ayers’ public defender, in a motion filed Friday, seeks to overturn a magistrate judge’s finding last month the 68-year-old man remain jailed on seven felony product-tampering counts because no conditions of his release would reasonably ensure the public’s safety, as prosecutors insisted.

Both sides were to argue the matter Wednesday.

Avers, of Belleville, has pleaded not guilty to the felonies, accusing him of slipping sewing needles into packaged meat items at a Shop ‘n Save in Belleville from May 2013 through July.

One customer eventually bit into a needle, and another customer got stuck in the hand by a needle in a steak. No serious injuries were reported from the needles, which the FBI said turned up in everything from ground beef to roasts and steaks. 

The FBI said Avers told investigators he did it “just for the hell of it.” Federal prosecutor Suzanne Garrison seized on that quote when initially opposing any bond for Avers, saying the comment reflected the man’s “utter indifference to the noteworthy risk of serious bodily injury or death that is associated with consumption of a needle.” 

3rd Annual Iuka Wilderness Days a Success

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The air at the 3rd Annual Iuka Wilderness Days was filled with gunpowder, fire, and the smell of delicious food as the 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers and the 1st Illinois Battery “D” reenactment groups set up their tents, struck their blacksmithing hammers, and shot a bunch of replica guns and cannons. 

The two groups, both based in southern Illinois, reenact life in 19th Century America. The 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers reenacts life during the early 1810’s, when America was at war, again, with England in the war of 1812. Dan Robinson has been participating in reenactments for over 40 years after first getting interested in the War of 1812 during college.

“It’s a simpler way of doing things that can still be a challenge…it’s a period of time where things were easier to do, and most  satisfying when you were able to do them successfully” Robinson told WJBD.

The 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers are modeled after an actual military regiment based in Southern Illinois during the War of 1812 and the Indian Wars in the early 1800’s.

The 1st Illinois Battery “D” uses slightly more advanced technology than the 17th Illinois Territorial Rangers, but that’s because they’re Civil War reenactors. They brought a full size, 800 pound bronze cannon to the Wilderness Days festival.

The 1st Illinois Battery is based out of Vernon. Terry Sullens is a member of the cannon crew and says the group travels all over southern Illinois.

“We probably do four or five reenactments [a year], as well as dedications at cemeteries and things like this, Wilderness Days in Iuka” Sullens said.

In addition to the reenactors, blacksmiths created and sold their wares alongside tanners, seamstresses, and antique toymakers. Kids enjoyed throwing tomahawks and shooting bows.

Organizers were pleased with the crowd on Saturday. The two day event brings hundreds out to Iuka park from across South Central Illinois and as far away as Paducah, Kentucky.


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