Man Grabs $1,700 in Meat and Ice Cream During IGA Contest Finale

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Two Salem brothers took part in a “Supermarket Sweep” on Wednesday for the climax of a contest hosted by IGA for the benefit of the Salem Community Activity Center.

Derek Beard, the winner of the contest, conscripted his brother, Ben Beard, to run a five-minute gauntlet through the store, grabbing as many groceries as he possibly can. The brothers personal goal? To grab as much meat as humanly possibly within the time limit.

Ben said that once he grabbed the meat, his game plan started to fall apart.

“After the meat, I kind of went blank and grabbed anything I could see” said Ben Beard, who, luckily, owns several large freezers.

The Beard Brothers still walked away with a huge haul: $1,700 worth of groceries, mostly consisting of meat and ice cream. 

Salem Activity Center President Don Ruston said that the contest raised between $2,500 and $3,000 for the Salem Activity Center. Ruston thanked IGA for their support.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without the partnership of IGA and their generous donation. We’re very thankful for those who bought tickets” said Ruston.

IGA Store Manager Steve Jones called the Salem Community Activity Center a major part of the Community.

“It was a good fundraiser for the Activity Center…we were glad to do it. It was good for the Activity Center, which is good for the community” Jones said.

The money raised will be added to the Activity Center’s general account. Theres no word yet on if the contest will be held again next year.

Coast Guard: Towboat Sinks in the Mississippi River Near Chester

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CHESTER, Ill. (AP) – The Coast Guard said Thursday it was investigating what caused a towboat carrying 3,500 gallons of diesel fuel to sink in the Mississippi River near the southern Illinois city of Chester.

Two crew members of the Maverick were rescued by another towboat when the sinking happened about 12:30 a.m. Thursday three miles south of Chester, the Coast Guard said.

The Maverick’s crew sustained no injuries but was examined at a hospital.

A Coast Guard unit from Paducah, Kentucky, was assigned to oversee the Maverick’s recovery efforts, and pollution cleanup contractors were responding to the scene.

There was no immediate evidence that the fuel on the sunken vessel had leaked, the Coast Guard said.

Woman Runs on Foot After Centralia Accident

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Centralia Police say one person was injured and another ran from the scene of a two vehicle crash at Elm and Noleman Street in downtown Centralia late Wednesday afternoon.   

Police reports indicate the crash occurred when a pickup driven by William Hug of Radom ran a red light and collided with a van driven by Cory Norville of Myers Road in Centralia.  

Hug was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment of injuries.  A passenger in his truck, Eugenia Hug of Radom, declined hospital treatment.  Norville escaped injury.  

Police say a passenger in the van, 30-year-old Brandi Clark of South Maple in Centralia, ran from the scene on foot.  She is wanted on outstanding failure to appear in court traffic warrants dating back to 2010, 2011, and 2012.   

William Hug was ticketed for disobeying a traffic control device.  

The crash occurred at 4:54 Wednesday night.  

Green Street Road Closure

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The Green Street Road between Scout Road and Bell Club Road will be closed intermittently between nine and eleven Friday morning to allow for the removal of some dead trees close to the roadway.  Marion County Highway Superintendent Mike McCormick says the plan is to drop a tree, clean up the debris off the road, let traffic clear and then close the road to remove another tree. He anticipates the longest someone will have to wait is ten to 15 minutes.  To avoid delays, you may want to take an alternate route. 

Mt. Vernon to Receive Millions for Industrial Park

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JEFFERSON COUNTY — Mt. Vernon will receive over $3 million in grants to create jobs and help reinforce the city’s infrastructure.  

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, Representative Bill Enyart, and Mt. Vernon Mayor Mary Jame Chesley announced Wednesday the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration has awarded the city $3.25 million in funding to go toward a new industrial park.  

The money will be used to help construct road, water and other critical infrastructure needed to accommodate the expansion of the 100-acre park.

The project is expected to create 500 local jobs.  

Odin School Board Subcommittee Meeting Comes to Abrupt End

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The subcommittee of the Odin School Board’s Finance Committee came to an abrupt end Tuesday afternoon when questions arose if the school board had actually given the subcommittee the authority to develop the budget.  

The question was raised in a meeting filled with confusion over multiple tentative budgets, why Superintendent Stephen Westrick had not saved all previous changes made by the committee to the budget program, and if it wasn’t the Superintendent’s job to put together the budget.  The two school board members on the subcommittee said they couldn’t remember if creating the budget was part of the duties given to the group.

At one point, the district’s bookkeeper Jane Laffoon was ready to walk out of the meeting in frustration.

“We told him what changes to make. He made some changes, and some changes he didn’t remember to make. We had the second budget. And the last meeting we had was two and a half hours. That’s a waste of our time. We’re back to square one. He should have had the numbers” said Laffoon.

Laffoon also questions if the subcommittee should be making some of the decisions on issues related to employees.  

Others on the committee raised questions about why Westrick was not better prepared, noting he has had a week since his computer was repaired to work on the budget.   He apologized, saying he thought the subcommittee meeting had been called to work on the budget.  

Westrick blamed computer problems for numbers that were not updated on the budget planner.  He believes changes he made to his budget ocurred while the computer was directed at a different server, which is why they were not showing up.   Westrick never answered questions if he had written down the changes so they could be updated now.  

Westrick’s only vocal support at the meeting came from CPA Betty Clinton with Glass and Shufet in Centralia who said financial budget training was not adequate in the superintendent training programs and she has often seen school budgets with common mistakes.  

Westrick said he could complete the budget on his own before another subcommittee meeting next Tuesday night at 5:30.  The committee will then review the budget prior to its presentation to the school board at a special meeting next Thursday night, September 25th.  

While a tentative budget is available to the public, as required by law, Westrick admits it is incorrect.  He hopes to make the ‘correct’ tentative budget available to the public prior to the special September 25th school board meeting.  By state law, school boards must adopt a budget by September 30th.

Westrick believes the district will still have a budget deficit for the current fiscal year, but it will be lower than last year because the district has three fewer teachers.  However, he said at this time he could not estimate the size of the deficit.  

Recent school board meetings have attracted large crowds as concern has grown on if the Odin School District will survive its budget problems.  The school board has assured the audience the school is in no danger of closing.

Michigan Man Arrested in Salem on Firearms Charge

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A 23-year-old East Lansing, Michigan man has been arrested by Salem Police for unlawful use of a firearm.  

Demarcus Jones was one of two men police asked to stop for questioning early Wednesday morning after they had received a report of two men looking into vehicles in the 300 and 400 blocks of East Bennett.  The other man reportedly stopped immediately, while Jones continued walking to the 900 block of North Broadway where he eventually stopped.  

Police believed they saw Jones throw something and retraced his tracks in the dew.  They first found a white bag tied at the top that reportedly contained firearm ammunition.  A short distance away, they allegedly found a handgun that resulted in the arrest.  

Police say the man with Jones was released without being charged.   


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