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Salem Man Faces Four Charges Related To Animal Cruelty

August 4, 2012

Four misdemeanor charges related to animal cruelty have been filed against a 49-year-old Salem man in Marion County Court in connection with a dog found chained in the yard of his home on Wednesday. Marty Jourdan of East Lyford has been charged with cruel treatment of an animal and three counts of violation of owners duties.

Salem’s Code Enforcement Officer found the dog. It was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. A court order has now been prepared for a Judge to consider on Monday permanently forfeiting Jourdan’s ownership rights to the dog. If approved, the dog would be placed with the Centralia Humane Society for either adoption of humane euthanasia. State’s Attorney Matt Wilzbach fears the dog is too sick to recover.

The cruel treatment of an animal charge claims Jourdan chained a dog to a post in high temperature at such a length it could not reach water or shelter. The three violation of owners duties charges claim Jourdan did not provide good quality water, didn’t provide adequate shelter and didn’t provide veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering.

The city’s code enforcement officer said the dog could barely lift its head, appeared malnourished and thin, and fell to the ground when struggling to stand. The veterinarian who examined the dog also found it had a fever and was suffering from heart worm, hook worms, and fleas.

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