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Two Arrested for Forgery in Purchase of Van

June 18, 2016

Lindsey Weiss and Drew Niebert

Two people have been charged in Marion County Court with forgery for allegedly forging a stolen check to purchase a van.

Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 29-year-old Drew Niebert of Salem Mobile Home Park and 29-year-old Lindsey Weiss of Jamestown Road in Pocahontas following an investigation into use of a stolen check that was forged for $2,600 to buy the van.  

The two allegedly admitted to purchasing the van by forging the check, but would not say how they obtained the check.   They were initially tied to the stolen check and van  purchase by a family member who contacted the sheriff’s department.  The two were brought in for questioning after the van owner identified them from a photo ID. 

The check was apparently taken when the owner dropped her checkbook on a driveway.   

Bond for Niebert was set at $20,000 and for Weiss at $15,000 during their first appearance in Marion County Court Friday morning.  Both had the public defender appointed to represent them and a preliminary hearing set for July 14th.   

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