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Illinois State Museum Reopening Saturday

July 1, 2016

The Illinois State Museum in Springfield reopens Saturday. 

The museum was closed last fall amid the state budget crisis, but will once again open it’s doors. Staff have been readying the facility and Interim Director Michael Wiant says he’s hopeful the public will be pleased.

“We’ve got some fantastic primitive exhibits, and then what we will do is begin to bring out new things for people to see.  We’ve opened up a new space that gives us latitude to brings objects out that people haven’t seen.”

Governor Bruce Rauner attended a pre-opening of the museum Thursday night.

“This can be an economic engine for the state, the city of Springfield, tourists, visitors, school students from around the state and this great country coming to this institution.”

For the first time, the museum will charge a five dollar admission fee, although kids, seniors and veterans will still get in free.

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