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Centralia Man Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges

July 7, 2016

Blake Storey

A 21-year-old Centralia man has been arrested on multiple drug charges following a traffic stop by Centralia Police Wednesday night.

Blake Storey is being held in the Marion County Jail for possession of meth manufacturing materials, possession of narcotic instruments, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of under 2.5 grams of cannabis.  He’s also being held for Clinton County on an outstanding warrant.  

Centralia Police say Storey was stopped after they spotted him as a passenger in a car with a broken windshield.  They already knew he was wanted on an outstanding Clinton County warrant.  

When they got Storey out of the vehicle, he allegedly pulled several coffee filters containing rock salt from out of his pants.  A bag of syringes then fell out of his shorts.  

At that point, the Centralia canine walked around the vehicle and alerted on it.  A search of the vehicle that followed allegedly found a scale with white residue that field tested as meth, three white pills that tested positive for a narcotic drug, and a baggie of cannabis along with another syringe.   

The driver was released on a warning for the defective windshield.

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