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Smoky Fire In Truck Trailer Behind Browiac’s IGA in Centralia Quickly Contained

July 10, 2016

Centralia Firefighters in the smoky back dock area of Borowiak’s IGA after the tires on another truck trailer opened into another dock caught fire Sunday morning. Photo by Tim Ferguson.

While the fire on the tires and underneath portion of a truck trailer pulled up against Borowiak’s IGA on East McCord was quickly put out by Centralia City Firefighters, getting rid of the smoke and items it damaged took much longer.

Centralia firemen say all eight of the tires on the trailer were burning upon their arrival sending smoke into the air outside and into the rear of Borowiak’s IGA as well.  The fire was quickly knocked down before it caught the trailer on fire.  The trailer was used to store cardboard for recycling.  

The store was evacuated as a precaution.  

The fire department’s attention then turned to clearing smoke from the store.  Large fans were placed in both the front and back of the store to draw out the smoke.  

The Marion County Health Department directed store employees to throw out any items with direct exposure to the air, including eggs, onions, potatoes, and items in the Deli.   The store was then allowed to reopen Sunday afternoon.   

Centralia City Firemen say the deputy State Fire Marshal ruled the cause of the fire as undermined, but possibly related to smoking materials.  The fire was found not to be suspicious in nature.   

The fire department estimated the damage to the trailer from the fire at $5,000 to $7,000.   

The Centralia Police Department received multiple reports of the store being on fire around 9:10 Sunday morning when the thick smoke spewed from the burning tires on the trailer.  A call for all off duty Centralia Firemen to report was rescinded when firemen arrived on the scene and discovered what was actually on fire.  

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