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Firefighters Gather for Oil Field Firefighting Training

July 18, 2016

Firemen from eight fire departments shoot foam onto an oil tank fire during a Saturday training session at the Salem Fire Department Omar Squibb Training Facility.

20 Firefighters from eight fire departments around the region gathered for training on Saturday at the Salem Fire Protection District’s Omar Squibb Training Site on the Selmaville Road to learn how to handle an oil field emergency.  

Part of the training included an oil tank battery being ignited.  Firefighters worked on the proper way to handle the fire with both water and foam.  

Salem Fire Protection District Chief Roger Mann says the training center hosts the training about twice a year with the assistance of the Illinois Petroleum Resource Board, the Illinois Fire Service Institute and Illinois Oil Producers.   He appreciates the support of the organizations in providing the training resources to make fire departments ready for this type of fire.

Departments attending included Salem, Odin, Kell, Cisne, St. Elmo, Highlard Pierron, Greenville and Smithboro.   

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