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Four Juveniles Arrested for Arson and Three Burglaries

July 21, 2016

Four Centralia juveniles, ages 9 to 13, have been arrested in connection with burglaries to two vacant homes and a truck as well as trying to set one of the homes on fire.  

The four were allegedly caught inside one of the homes by Kathy Salyers who had items stored inside.  They had allegedly poured motor oil all over the house.  Storage boxes were opened and some of the items broken when they were dumped out.  When Salyers went to a neighboring vacant home, she found that house had been gone through and an effort had been made to catch clothing on fire in the living room and bathroom.   

The owners of the two homes, Michael and Dixie Birkner, asked that charges be filed against the juveniles.   The juveniles told police they had no reason for committing the vandalism.  They were released to their parents pending further court action.

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