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Water and Sewer Rates Going Up in Odin

July 23, 2016

The Odin Village Board Thursday night voted to raise water and sewer rates.  The increase in part will be used to pay for installation of water meters that can be read electronically for the 570 out of town customers.  

The base in-town rate for water will raise to $15.40 for water and $9.25 for sewer.  The total minimum bill, including $9.00 for trash, will be $33.65.  That’s a $3.00 increase.  The minimum water rate for out of town customers will go up $4 per month to $21.65.
The radio controlled meters in the rural area will be able to be read from the road.  The cost of the meters, installation, and the software and equipment to use the new system will be $154,000.  In addition to saving time in reading meters, the software will be able to assist in finding leaks more quickly.  Installation is expected in the next few months.  The village is taking out a five year $154,000 loan from the Bank of Springfield at a 3.99% interest rate to pay for the system.

In town meters will gradually be moved to the radio controlled meters sometime in the future.

The board has increased the salaries of all full time village employees by .50 an hour and the pay of the Water Department Superintendent by $2.00 an hour, effective May first.

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