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Three Charged with Multiple Felony Offenses

July 25, 2016

27-year-old Travis S. Juds of 2066 Soper Drive in Odin has been charged with two counts of felony aggravated battery. Juds was arrested for a dispute with Damarcus Jones and Sharla French which saw Juds stab Jones in the neck with a knife and punch French, who is pregnant, in the head. A bond of $25,000 was set.

Two individuals, 33-year-old Jessica D. Kidd and 49-year-old Lanell C. Marsh, of 714 East Howard Street in Centralia were charged with felony burglary and retail theft after being arrested for entering the Walmart Supercenter in Salem at 1870 West Main Street with the intent to take items in excess of $300. Both had bond set at $15,000.

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