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South Central School District High School Project to Become Reality

July 31, 2016

South Central School Superintendent Kerry Herdes says the partial state spending plan includes money for the 4.7-million dollar high school renovation, addition, and demolition project to move forward.   

Herdes says the question now is when the money will be authorized to be spent.  

“We know that it’s there, and we were okay with the fact that if we did miss the start time that we could start now, that we would get the money to actually pursue that project and make it a reality,” Herdes said. “It’s something we’ve been waiting on for some time, not just this last couple of years, but for the last twenty years, to get a cafeteria in place … We’re bringing a state of the art learning environment to all the students in the high school.”

Herdes says if they get approval quickly, the project could start right away to avoid a long costly winter shutdown.   If the approval comes later, the project may not start until spring.   

Herdes says there is also money to pay off the $2.4-million the state still owes the district for the addition at Kinmundy Grade School.  He reports they have completed all the necessary paperwork to finally get reimbursed for the state part of the project the district ended up paying when the state funding was cut off in July a year ago when no budget was passed.

“They’re still putting pieces of the puzzle in place to be able to execute those payouts and pay us the money that we’re owed for the roughly 2.4 million dollars that we completeed at the grade school project.”

South Central School District will also receive an additional $65,000 in state aide under the fully funded school aide formula approved by the governor and legislature for the coming year.    

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