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Salem Firemen Kept Busy Monday

August 16, 2016

Smoke pours from the Gail and Julie Heimgartner at 603 Ohio in Salem Monday afternoon.

Salem Fire Chief Roger Mann says there was considerable damage to the Gale and Julie Heimgartner home at 603 Ohio Street from fire Monday afternoon.  

No one was home when smoke from the fire was first discovered by a neighbor.  

The fire apparently started in the kitchen from an electrical problem and spread into the attic.  Firemen had to pull down ceilings in several rooms and additions to reach the fire.    

Odin firemen provided mutual aide assistance.   Firemen were on the scene for over two hours beginning around 2:50 Monday afternoon.  

Salem Firemen were also called to smoke detectors sounding at the Salem Assembly of God Church early Monday night.  The problem turned out to be water getting into the system.

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