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Christina Thomason Set For Trial on Jail Escape Attempt

August 17, 2016

A Salem woman already serving 45-years in prison for the murder of her three month old daughter is now scheduled to go to trial next month for an attempted escape from the Marion County Jail.  

Judge Allan Lollie set a September 19th trial date for Christina Thomason after Assistant State’s Attorney Melissa Doran and Public Defender Matt Chancey both indicated there had been no talk of a plea agreement.   A final pretrial hearing was set for September 8th.

Thomason is charged with attempted escape and criminal damage to government supported property in connection with the alleged January jail escape.   Two others who were also believed to be involved have not been charged.    

Sheriff’s Department reports indicate Thomason allegedly broke off a piece of a shower rod in the women’s work release cell and used it to pry open an air vent at the jail about three inches.  At that point, correctional officers discovered what the three were doing and shut down the escape attempt.  Even if successful in getting into the air vent, State’s Attorney Matt Wilzbach said at the time the vent never left a secure part of the jail.  

Thomason already has to serve 100-percent of the 45 year prison term handed down in the murder case.

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