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Marion County Sheriff’s Department and Salem Police Both Reporting Victims in Telephone Fraud Scams

August 20, 2016

There are renewed calls from both the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and Salem Police to not fall victim and to be aware of the numerous fraud scams that are currently being reported in the area.  The two departments say scams in recent days have resulted in area residents losing money.  

The sheriff’s department reports their latest problems have been with those who call to say they are fraud scam inspectors and if the person being called sends a sum of money they could get $2-million to $4-million back.  

Salem Police Chief Sean Reynolds says some residents have fallen victim to a Publisher Clearing House scam where the caller says they have won a prize and they need to send money in order to collect their winnings.   Centralia Police had earlier reported some victims of the Publisher Clearing House scam.  

The sheriff’s department says a simple rule should always apply….if it feels too good to be true, it is too good to be true. 

If you have questions about a call or offer, you are asked to contact your law enforcement department BEFORE you make any payments.  Officers will gladly take time to speak with you.   Police also encourage you to talk to elderly family members and friends and warn them about the scams.  The elderly are often targeted.      

Salem Police Detective Bryan Green has some other tips to avoid becoming a victim:

*  The Internal Revenue Service will not call you to attempt to collect a debt, nor will they threaten you with an arrest warrant.

*   Publishers Clearing House will not ask you to pay large amounts of money in order to collect your winnings.

*   The relative overseas, please send money scam, can be avoided by simply verifying where your loved ones are.  

*   DO NOT send money to strangers who have befriended you on social media.  

*   City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce will not attempt to gain your personal information by phone.   

Green say with advances in technology, frauds and scams by phone calls, mail or e-mails are becoming more and more prevalent. 

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