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Saturday Morning Balloon Flight Cancelled; Big Crowds For Friday Night Glow

August 20, 2016

A full Balloon Glow replaced the first race of Balloon Fest cancelled Friday evening due to windy weather conditions. Photo by Pat Hodges.

The Saturday morning balloon race at Balloon Fest 2016 had to be cancelled due to the weather.  The weather also remains as a big question mark for the scheduled Balloon Glow scheduled for 7:30 Saturday night.  

Balloon Meister Kevin Knapp says the weather presented several problems Saturday morning.

“Yesterday evening I announced we had caution for this morning and that caution has come to fruition. We have storms in the area, low pressure system and a cold front coming towards us.  With the rain, the low ceiling and the fast winds as low as 700 feet that has kept balloon operations closed this morning,” said Knapp.  “We have storms coming through the day.  I’ll make a decision at four if the balloon will come out tonight.”  

Knapp says all the rain earlier this week has compounded the problem because of the ground already being saturated before any rain this weekend.  

While the balloon event is off Saturday morning, a full day of other activities is planned on Saturday at Balloon Fest.  The craft fair and concessions open at nine am, the children’s activity area is open from ten to four, a car show and display is set for 12:30 to 4, a karate demonstration at one, and if weather permits tethered balloon rides from six to nine pm.  Retro Boogie will perform pop, soul, and Top 40 on the main stage at 8:30 Saturday night.  

Another full day of activities is planned for Sunday when the weather looks more promising, including morning and afternoon balloon races.         

A large crowd filled Foundation Park for Day One of Balloon Fest 2016. While the winds prevented a balloon race, the crowd was treated to a full Balloon Glow of all the balloons participating in this year’s event.  

With rain threatening the ballooning events on Saturday, a scoring contest was held with pilots throwing tennis balls into Catfish Pond to determine who came closest to the target.

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