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Balloon Fest Landowner Awards

September 2, 2016

BALLOON FEST 2016 – Landowner awards were presented to five lucky landowners as part of Balloon Fest 2016. Winners each received a $100 Gift Card from Schnucks for allowing Balloonists to land on their property during the weekend events. After the flights, pilots filled out a landowner certificate for each property on which they landed. All of the certificates were turned in to the Chamber office and from those, five names were drawn.

The awards were sponsored by Schnucks, 1129 W. Broadway, Centralia.

The main purpose of the landowners committee is to cultivate good will among landowners, balloonists, and the community so everyone can enjoy this spectacular family event. Landowner participation is essential to the success of the Balloon Fest. The Chamber of Commerce is very appreciative of the cooperation and kindness shown to the pilots by landowners.

Winners of the Landowner awards and the balloons that landed on their property were: Bruce Williams of Centralia was lucky to have pilot Scott Wooge with “Lindy” land on his property; John Siegler of Centralia welcomed Kevin Heinzmann and his “Drifting Dolphins” balloon; Robin Goatey of Sandoval, and Pete Aydt of Centralia both had Mike England and his “Rainbow Mountain” balloon land on their properties; and Dave and Anne Schwartz hosted Pat Brouillet and his “Envy” balloon.

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