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Sandoval Gets New Park Playground Equipment

September 2, 2016

It was a dream come true for Sandoval Mayor Pam Gelsinger on Thursday as she watched new playground equipment go up in the park.

Gelsinger is appreciative of everyone who helped raise the $30,000 to make the dream a reality.

“Three years since I became the mayor we started working on this and having the fundraisers. We finally got enough to do this section. Our first section was the basketball goals over there and this is our second step, and our next step hopefully will be to replace the park lights. As you can see they are in pretty bad shape.”

Gelsinger says that means more fund raising as the account balance is down to 0. Fund raising for the lights will begin with the Fall Festival next month.

Gelsinger hopes the kids will enjoy the new playground equipment, noting several of them help her pick it out.

“It has a little climbing wall and its got the slides from ages 3-12 can play on this. And then there’s a separate unit they are putting up over there and its called the Craggy Mound and it’s just a climbing wall. And then we have a Dizzy Lizzy, and it’s like a miniature merry-go-round.”

Gelsinger says village employees, members of the fire department, a police officer, village board members, and other volunteers all worked together to help install the new equipment.

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