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Salem Man Arrested After Stabbing Marion County K9 Valor

September 19, 2016

A 53-year-old Salem man has been arrested after allegedly threatening residents at a rural Walnut Hill home while armed with a gun and later stabbing Marion County K9 Valor.

Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Earl Morlan of East Olive for aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

Deputies were called to the 600 block of Medlin Road after a resident reported a man was in their yard with a gun and was threatening to kill everyone. The man then went into the woods south of the home where he was heard yelling he had a gun, had people to help him, and would still kill them.

Deputies deployed the K-9 into the woods after warning Morlan five times to make himself known or he would be bit. In just a matter of seconds, deputies heard someone groaning and could hear the K-9 growling. Deputies went into the woods and found Valor engaging Morlan and stabbing the dog in the neck with a kinfe. Morlan was reportedly kicked hard enough the knife was knocked out of his hands. However, deputies say Morlan continued to kick and fight the dog.

Morlan was eventually tazed, handcuffed, and taken into custody. He received some bite wounds, but did not require hospital treatment

K-9 Valor was found bleeding from two apparent stab wounds. A vet reported the spots were consistent with knife wounds, but didn’t see it necessary to stitch them at the time.

During later questioning, Morlan allegedly said he was trying to kill the dog.

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