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Salem Man To Be Evaluated As Possible Sexually Dangerous Person

October 1, 2016

Probable cause has been found to hold a 36-year-old Salem man as a sexually dangerous person.

Judge Michael McHaney made the ruling in Marion County Court Friday in the case of Eric Long who is near the end of his 12 year prison term for a 2006 conviction for criminal sexual assault. Long waived a hearing on the probable cause issue.

The judge then entered an initial order of commitment and a motion for evaluation. Long will be sent to the Rushville treatment and detention facility. A Jury Trial is scheduled for January 17th of next year on a final determination if Long should be declared a sexually dangerous person.

The petition filed by the Illinois Attorney General’s office to find Long as sexually dangerous cites several mental disorders that Long suffers that the petition argues should keep him from being released into the general population.

If Long is found to be sexually dangerous, he could be remanded to the care of the Department of Human Services for an indefinite period.

Long admitted to committing a sex act with a female unable to understand or give consent in the 2006 conviction. Two counts of criminal sexual abuse to the same girl were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

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