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Marion County Runs at Deficit In Last Fiscal Year

October 14, 2016

The Marion County Board operated in the red during the last fiscal year.

The board heard from its new auditor Franklin and Vaughn at Tuesday night’s meeting. Mark Vaughn says there were no findings, but the county’s bottom line took a hit during the fiscal year that ended December first of last year.

“You operated at a bit of a deficit this year, which generated some of that loss of cash. But another reason it is down is because you paid off $600,000 worth of bonds and debt. So just because cash is down, it is not all bad. Alot of it went to pay off bonds and debt. That’s never bad to see the debt going down,” said Vaughn.

The audit is now on file at the county clerk’s office.

In other action, the board rolled back pay to jurors after a new state law was found unconstitutional. Circuit Clerk Ronda Yates says jury pay will once again be $15.50 a day plus mileage. The law also reinstituted 12 person juries in civil jury trials without additional cost.

The board agreed to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Honeywell for complete a preliminary feasibility assessment study of needed heating and air conditioning improvements at the courthouse, public service building, jail and Moose building. There will be no cost to the county.

The board approved having a special meeting on Monday night, October 17th, at 6 pm, to award a bid for a new roof on the former Moose building. The board earlier approved purchase of the building to renovate for storage. Building Committee Chair Dr. Creighton Engel says if they can get the new roof on before winter it will avoid the need for temporary repairs and allow other work to be completed inside over the winter months.

Knapp Oil Company was awarded the bid to supply oil and gas products to the county in the coming year.

The board also approved an $8,930 replacement of a culvert on Summertime Road in Haines and Raccoon Township and a $14,445 replacement of a culvert on Charlton Road in Haines Township.

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