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Baby Born at Marion County Jail

October 20, 2016

The Marion County Jail became a delivery room for the birth of a baby boy early Tuesday morning.

Marion County Sheriff Rich Stevenson says a correctional officer discovered the prisoner in the early stages of giving child birth after answering her call for help. He was able to get her on a mattress cot and pull it partially out of an isolation cell while telling the prisoner and mother ‘don’t push, don’t push’ in hopes Marion County EMS would arrive at the jail to complete the delivery. The paramedics were able to do just that upon arrival.

The baby who was born several weeks premature and weighing just over three pounds began crying after delivery. The mom and baby were both transported to Salem Township Hospital after the birth. The baby was later transferred to a St. Louis Hospital.

The mother, who was being held for aggravated battery to a police officer and an outstanding warrant, remains in a local hospital under guard of the sheriff’s department. The mother was being held in a segregation cell in close view of the jail staff due to the pregnancy.

Stevenson says the birth is one more thing he didn’t expect to deal with when being elected sheriff.

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