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Republicans Win Two Seats on Appellate Court in Mt. Vernon

November 10, 2016

The two Republican candidates won seats on the Appellate Court in Mt. Vernon during Tuesday’s election.

Final, but unofficial, numbers show Republican Madison County Circuit Judge John Barberis defeated Democratic 1st Judicial Circuit Judge Brad Bleyer 305,727 votes to 238,255 votes. Current appointed Appellate Court Justice Randy Moore of Carterville ran for a different opening on the court and defeated Democratic Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Jo Beth Weber 296, 236 votes to 251,963.

Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier will name another judge to fill Moore’s appointed position once he is sworn into office. If Karmeier appoints a Republican as expected, it would give the Republican’s a 4-3 majority for the first time in memory.

The race took a turn in the final days, when a group of plaintiff attorneys from Metro-East and the St. Louis area contributed about $1-million to the Fair Courts Now political action committee. The committee used the money to run attack ads against the Republican candidates in the days before the election.

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