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Eight People Being Sought for Theft of Large Spool of Electric Wire

November 16, 2016

Three adults were formally charged in Marion County Court Tuesday with felony theft in connection with the theft of a large roll of electric wire from along Route 161 East of Centralia where a new electric line is being installed.

Marion County State’s Attorney Matt Wilzbach reports four others are still being sought and one juvenile is also expected to face charges.

Wilzbach says two of those charged Tuesday, 37-year-old Amy Meyer of West Jefferson in Patoka and 44-year-old Brian Self of South Hickory in Centralia, initially tried to steal the wire themselves, but were unable to do so. They reportedly went to the Centralia Huck’s to recruit others to help. Store video allegedly shows the others who became involved.

Only the juvenile driving the pickup hauling the wire and 21-year-old Kevin Haar of East 12th in Centralia were arrested at the time the truck was stopped Sunday night on the Norton Road north of Boone Street. The others either fled the truck on foot or in a car traveling in front of the pickup during the traffic stop. Meyer and Self were taken into custody early Tuesday morning.

Bond for Self and Meyer was set at $25,000 apiece. Bond for Haar was set at $10,000. All had the public defender appointed to represent them.

Deputies had started looking for the truck after receiving an earlier report of a suspicious vehicle carrying the wire on a trailer behind the pickup truck.

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