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Inmate Attacks Correctional Officer at Marion County Jail

November 16, 2016

Bond has been set at $50,000 for a 41-year-old Centralia man who has been charged with aggravated battery to a Marion County Jail Correctional Officer.

Timothy Finley of North Locust is accused of pushing and punching the officer and eventually jumping on his back and grabbing him around the neck. The incident occurred on Saturday morning when Finley was apparently trying to escape from his cell when his cell door was opened to serve him breakfast. Finley reportedly had said the day before he would leave his cell one way or another.

Finley was brought under control when another correctional officer arrived to assist. He is currently being held in an isolation cell following the incident.

The public defender was appointed to represent Finley. If convicted, Finley cannot receive probation and is eligible for an extended term based on a prior residential burglary conviction.

Finley was in jail after being arrested by Centralia Police on October 26th for criminal trespass to a residence.

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