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Centralia Resident Pleads Guilty to Federal Weapons Charge

January 14, 2017

A 34 year old Centralia resident has pleaded guilty in US District Court to conspiracy to possess and sell stolen firearms. Michael Rink faces up to five years in federal prison.

Rink was investigated following his role in the November 29th, 2014 burglary of Buchheit’s of Centralia. In that burglary, forty firearms and more than a thousand rounds of ammunition were stolen.

Dakota Moss, also of Centralia was sentenced to just over 20 years of imprisonment on September 11th of 2015 for committing that burglary. A juvenile accomplice was prosecuted separately in state court.

According to court records, Rink drove his co-defendants around helping conceal and transport the stolen firearms between locations. Rink agreed to accept money for providing transportation while the stolen guns were being moved from place to place and for agreeing to drive co-defendant Justin Gibson for the purpose of selling them. Two of the guns stolen were eventually transferred from the juvenile accomplice to co-defendant Terrell Cleggett who later sold the two guns to his friend Brandon Hoskins.

Eight of the stolen guns were recovered by law enforcement officials, including the 2 included in this prosecution.

Hoskins was sentenced to 5 years on December 13th, Cleggett is awaiting sentencing which is currently scheduled for February 21. Gibson also recently pleaded guilty and is set to be sentenced on April 20th.

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