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Deer Hunt Totals For Year Released for Area Counties

January 27, 2017

Marion County hunters bagged 2,577 deer for the 2016-2017 season.

The figures released by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources includes 869 taken by archery, 1,452 by firearm during the traditional season, and 138 in the late winter season. Another 51 were taken by muzzle loader and 67 by youth. The total is down from 2,736 last year. Totals were down for each type of hunting.

Statewide, 144,150 deer were taken during the various hunting seasons, down from 155,259 the prior year. The break down for the various seasons for the just completed year are 79,429 deer taken during the traditional firearm season, 4,686 in the late winter season, 53,479 in the archery season, 2,850 by youth and 3,297 by muzzle loader.

In other area counties, the total number of deer harvested in the 2016-2017 season were 1,754 in Clay County, 963 in Clinton County, 2,261 in Fayette County, 3,283 in Jefferson County, 2,522 in Wayne County and 1,486 in Washington County. Pike County in west central Illinois had the largest harvest, with 4,459 deer taken.

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