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Drug Arrest Follows Theft Investigation at Sonic Restaurant in Centralia

January 28, 2017

A 31-year-old Centralia man has been charged in Marion County Court with unlawful possession of methamphetamine following a Centralia Police investigation that began as a theft case.

Police say Bryce Jones of North Cherry and 21-year-old Hein Lowery of East Kell were initially stopped for questioning following a theft report from the Sonic Restaurant. Lowery is accused of taking about $40 from the car hop table while no one was looking after going inside to sell the employees candy bars.

Police were called after the theft was discovered. With the help of a customer who had been in the restaurant, police were notified the two were at the Westside Farm Fresh Store. Police say they recovered an amount of money similar to that taken as well as clothing that appeared to be stolen from Walmart.

While at the Centralia Police Station, Jones was discovered in possession of two containers. They contained what field tested as a half-gram of meth and two grams of synthetic cannabis as well as a drug pipe.

Jones was taken to the Marion County Jail where he was formally charged in court Friday morning for possession of meth. Bond was set at $7,500. If released on bond, Jones was ordered to abstain from drugs or alcohol.

Meanwhile, Lowery was released on a notice to appear in court for the theft of money from Sonic. Police were waiting for more information before possibly filing charges in connection with the Walmart theft.

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