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Rural Salem Home Receives Minor Fire Damage

February 12, 2017

A rural Salem home received minor fire damage in an electrical fire in the attic above an attached garage Saturday morning.

The homeowner, Francis Ballard, of 3519 Boone Street Road northwest of Salem, called the fire department after smelling smoke.

Salem Fire District Fire Marshall Bill Fulton says they were able to track the location of the problem with a thermal camera. They found a large electrical conductor that apparently had been spliced a number of years ago that had starting arcing.

The arcing caused a smoldering fire in nearby blown in insulation. A roof joist was also charred as it had burned earlier. Fulton said no flames were visible upon their arrival.

Firemen removed the blown in insulation in the area of the conductor. Fulton says there wasn’t enough smoke damage to require the smoke to be ejected.

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