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Salem Firemen Fight Fire in 200 Bales of Hay

February 17, 2017

Salem firemen say 200 hay bales on the Steve Brummel property at 1201 West Blair in Salem have been destroyed in a fire that sent smoke into the south side of Salem.

Fire Chief Roger Mann says the fire started as a controlled burn that was blown into the hay bales by the wind. He reports some of the bales were stacked five high. Mann says the only way to put out the fire in the bales is to try and unroll them, which is a lengthy process.

Mann says several buildings were close by, but are not threatened by the fire.

Salem Firemen worked on putting out the stubborn fire for more than four hours, with one fire truck left at the scene overnight to make sure the fire doesn’t spread. Odin Firemen stood by at the Salem Fire Station in the event of another fire.

The fire call came in at 2:12 Thursday afternoon.

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