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Sandoval Man Arrested Following Altercation That Injured Another Man

February 26, 2017

A 27-year-old Sandoval man has been arrested for aggravated battery in connection with an altercation earlier this week at a Centralia man’s apartment.

Michael Ferguson of North Vine Street was taken into custody by a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Friday in connection with the February 20th incident.

Centralia Police say they were notified of the altercation by Monty Myers of South Sycamore Street after he had gone to SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital on his own for treatment. He received six stitches on the forehead as well as a bump on the head.

After he began arguing with Ferguson, Myers told police he was wrestled to the ground and then punched and kicked a few times before he was hit in the head, possibly with a crowbar. Myers reported the hit knocked him out for several hours. He didn’t wake up until six the next morning and went back to sleep before going to the emergency room on February 21st for treatment.

Myers said he had given Ferguson a ride to his home where the two had been drinking before the altercation broke out.

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