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Centralia Man Faces Two Felony Theft of Rolls of Cable

March 10, 2017

A 24-year-old Centralia man has been charged in Marion County Court with two counts of felony theft after he was allegedly found in possession of new rolls of cable and telephone wire in the back of his truck. Bond for Charles Felton of South Walnut Street was set at $25,000 and the public defender appointed to represent him.

Centralia Police were initially called Wednesday to a report of a man who had gone into a fire damaged house at 1412 South Sycamore. They found Felton in the attic apparently cutting out the wiring of the home. He told police he didn’t realize he couldn’t be in the home.

Police then discovered the new wiring in the back of Felton’s truck. Felton said he had found the wire laying in a ditch off a dirt road in rural Walnut Hill. Police were able to trace one spool of wire to Charter Communications and another to U.S. Sonet. The theft charges against Felton are based on those two spools of wiring.

The ownership of a roll of gray telephone wire has not yet been determined.

A first appearance with counsel and preliminary hearing in the case is set for April fourth.

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