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Marion County Township Races: Steve Smith Wins Hotly Contested Race For Centralia Township Road Commissioner

April 5, 2017

Incumbent Centralia Township Road Commissioner Bill Schwartz has been defeated in his reelection bid. He lost an extremely close race to Republican challenger Steve Smith 845 to 772 votes. Centralia City Councilman Bill Smith ran as an independent and finished the evening with 250 votes.

In the Centralia Trustees race, the winners were Patrick Stedelin with 1,203 votes, Bill Nitz with 1,035 votes, Gary Sanders with 1,024, and Herb Williams with 994 votes. Not winning a seat was Marion ‘Bunny’ Garrett with 754 votes.

In Salem Township, Republican Gary Purcell beat Democrat Incumbent Joyce Bruce for township clerk, 815 to 447 votes. In the trustee race, the four winners were Sharon Woodward with 846 votes, Jim Purcell with 825 votes, and Mike Malan with 747 votes. Not winning seats were Wayne Bill Grizzle with 589 votes and Karen Davis with 383 votes.

In other contested township races, in Patoka Township the four trustee winners were Mark Landreth with 118 votes, Annette McNicol with 105, Nancy Snider with 93, and Whitney Aukamp with 80. Not winning a seat was Matthew Thompson with 75 votes.

In Carrigan Township in the road commissioner’s race, Republican Steven Gambill beat Democrat ‘Butch Linder’ 56 to 44. In the race for trustee, the four winners were Republican Wally Snyder with 76 votes, Briscoe Lane with 73, Whalen Lamar with 59, and Stephen Metcalf with 46. Not winning a seat were Phil Milano with votes and Daniel Milano with 42.

In Foster Township, there was a race for Highway Commissioner. John Stephens beat Dwain Shuler 73 to 37. In the trustee race, Win Headley was top vote getter with 72 votes. Kevin Barry was second with 68, Larry Shanafelt third with 66 votes and Robert Jones fourth with 65 votes. Not winning a seat was Jack Rose who received 52 votes.

In Haines Township, Billy Hays won the race for road commissioner over Steven Lisenbey 136 to 82.

In Iuka Township, four trustees were elected. Rick Vincent and Zachary Williams each had 101 votes, Betty Woodward 89, and Arnold Charles 83 votes. Not winning election was John Lambert Junior with 82 votes.

There is a race for Omega Township Road Commissioner. Democrat Dennis Butch Keen was the apparent victor over Mark Wilkinson. In the race for trustee, the winners were Russell Beard with 117 votes, Bret Vandeveer with 113 and Brian See with 103 points. Not winning seats were Steven Brown 82, Dickie Jenkins 55 and Steven Brown with 82 votes.

In the race for the Patoka Highway Commissioner, Earl Shipley Junior beat Jamey Thompson 187 to 122. For township trustee, the top vote getting was Mike Baldridge. The three other winners were Cory Hassell with 205 votes, Chuck Garrett with 199 votes, and Christopher Murray with 183. Not winning a seat was Justin Morrison, with 107 votes.

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