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School Board Election Results

April 5, 2017

Bryan Holthaus appears to have won a 4-way election for Kaskaskia College Board of Trustees winning with an unofficial total of 6,332 votes with one Marion County precinct not reporting. These numbers also do not include a few voters who may have cast ballots in Madison County. Dr. Dee Boswell was also re-elected to the board, with a current total of 5,967. Kelly Bennett currently has 5,735 votes and Malia Boozer 3,104.

In the race for the 2-year term on the Sandoval School Board. Theresa Ingles and Traci Deadmond won seats. Ingles received 168 votes and Deadmond 156. Failing to win a seat was George Dalton Jr.

The incumbents won their bids for re-election to the South Central School Board 4-year terms with Mike Vandaveer finishing with 718 votes joined along with Jeremy Chasteen 647, Jason Markley 501 and Dena Hoffman 365. Not winning seats were Michelle Keen Hicks 269, Kyle Hails 263 and Samuel Hester 227.

Mark Payne, Kurtis Belcher and Russell Adams won seats on the Patoka School Board. Payne finished with 315 votes with Belcher getting 292 and Adams 213. Misty Cain failed to win a seat with her 147 votes.

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