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Fire Destroys a Vacant Mobile Home South of Sandoval

April 13, 2017

Fire has destroyed a mobile home south of Sandoval.

Sandoval Fire Chief Chad Parson says the middle portion of the mobile home on Old U.S. 51 just north of Red Stripe Road was fully engulfed upon the department’s arrival Tuesday night.

A nearby hydrant provided plenty of water, but firemen had difficulty reaching the fire under the flooring as a result of I-Beam floor joists that blocked access. Firemen were also hampered because the floor was not safe to walk on. Almost all the outside metal siding had to be removed to reach all of the fire.

Parson calls the fire suspicious because there were no utilities to the home. A State Deputy Fire Marshal will review the fire scene. While the home is a total loss, he estimates damage at just $500 due to its poor condition.

While the owner of the mobile home is not clear, the property owner is identified as John Sanders of Centralia through county tax map records.

There were no injuries.

Old U.S. 51 was closed to traffic for the 2 and a half hours firemen fought the fire because a hose was laid across the old highway. The fire call came in at 8:09 pm.

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