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Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Forcibly Takes Loaded Gun Away During Traffic Stop

April 13, 2017

A Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy had to wrestle a loaded gun away from a passenger during a traffic stop on the west side of Salem late Tuesday night.

Both 23-year-old Larry Chambers and 22-year-old Keontre Hampton of Memphis, Tennessee were eventually taken into custody and are being held in the Marion County Jail for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and illegal possession of a weapon by a felon.

When asked during questioning, Chambers allegedly admitted he would have probably shot the deputy completing the traffic stop if the backup deputy, who he did not see, had not appeared. Chambers later added he would have shot at one of them most definitely because ‘there is all kinds of emotions’.

The incident unfolded along West Main Street when the car with five people inside was stopped for straddling the center line near I-57. The backup deputy arrived unnoticed and became concerned when he saw Chambers moving slowly with his right hand to the waistband of his pants. At that point, the deputy drew his taser and ordered Chambers to show his hands. He was then ordered out of the car after another passenger sitting next to him got out.

While scooting towards the door, Chambers allegedly attempted to move his hand back to his waist area. He reportedly ignored orders to stop and began to pull a gun from his pants. The deputy was so close, he grabbed for the weapon and was able to get his hand around the trigger area. Chambers was then pulled to the ground and eventually let go of the gun when he was on the ground. Chambers and the gun were then secured without further incident.

All the other occupants were then ordered to the ground outside the car at gunpoint, other than a pregnant female in the front seat. While preparing to exit the vehicle, Hampton reportedly reached down in front of him where another loaded firearm was located. Deputies say Hampton was taken into custody before he could retrieve the gun.

The driver of the vehicle, 25-year-old Corbero Ragland, also of Memphis, was arrested for driving on a suspended license. The other two passengers were released without being charged.

A deputy had initially been asked to watch the car after the occupants reportedly had displayed a bag of cannabis to an employee at a drive-thru lane of a west side restaurant.

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