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Easter Egg Hunts in Salem and Wamac on Sunday

April 15, 2017

Large Easter egg hunts are planned in Salem and Wamac on Sunday afternoon.

In Salem, the annual event is sponsored by the Salem Lions Club. Leon Chapman is once again overseeing the hunt that will take place in the area of the band stage in Bryan Memorial Park beginning at two Sunday afternoon.

There will be three age groups, 2-4, which will hunt at two pm; 5-7, who will hunt at 2:10, and 8-10, who will hunt at 2:20. Chapman is asking that no one come to the park until 1:30 so the Easter Bunny can hide the 3,000 eggs without interference.

There will be 60 prize eggs, 20 for each age groups. In addition, there ill be 40 eggs with a letter inside hidden for the 2 to 4-year-olds who will each receive a small stuffed animal. There will be two grand prizes in each category. A tricycle and small wagon for those in the 2-4 year age bracket, a large red wagon for those in the 5-7 age group and bicycles for the 8-10-year-olds.

Chapman is appreciative of Lions Club members and the Manor at Salem Woods for stuffing all the eggs.

In Wamac, Mayor Butch Mathis is coordinating the Easter Egg hunt for the 8th year at the Wamac Park at one Sunday afternoon. Mathis says 12,000 eggs will be hidden this year. In addition, each child will receive a ticket for prize drawings along with a gift bag with candy and other items so no child leaves without something.

Top prizes include 20 bicycles and tricycles and 30 Easter Baskets. Children will be divided into three age groups…0-4, 5-8 and 9-12.

Mathis is thankful for all the businesses that donated and the volunteers at city hall who stuffed all the eggs.

Listen to WJBD/WSIQ for any changes in the hunt due to the weather. A rain date is set for a week from Saturday.

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