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Kinmundy Mayor Says Everything Going Well With Switch Over of Water System

April 15, 2017

Kinmundy Mayor Jane Middleton says the switchover to the Gateway Regional Water Company from their own water plant has gone smoothly.

She reports the actual change occurred on February third. Since that time, Middleton has had a few complaints about the amount of chlorine in the water since it is at a higher level than Kinmundy was using at their own water plant. However, others are surprised to learn the switchover has taken place.

Middleton says they are still uncertain how the move will impact the city financially. The Board of Alderman had decided to join Gateway rather than make expensive modifications to their own water plant that would have resulted in the need to raise water rates. Middleton says enough time has not gone by yet to compare the cost of purchasing the water to the revenue coming in from customers.

Middleton says a pump station will be added at Armstrong and Kinmundy Road where the Kinmundy water system was hooked into Gateway. She reports while water pressure is fine, there could be a problem if the fire department needed a lot of water to fight a fire.

The Kinmundy Board Thursday night approved a $2,005 bid from JK Computer to purchase a tablet computer for use in the squad car. The cost is much less than utilizing a laptop computer. The smaller tablets are now being utilized by some cities. The current computer has problems that cannot be repaired.

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