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Boyd Man in Custody on After Series of Incidents in Sandoval and Clinton County

April 16, 2017

A 28-year-old Boyd man is in custody at the Clinton County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bond on multiple charges following of series of incidents that began in Sandoval and ended in the Shattuc area on Tuesday.

Johnathan Kaufman has been charged in Clinton County with two counts of possession of a stolen vehicle and resisting a peace officer. Sandoval Police say they will file information in Marion County to have Kaufman charged with criminal trespass to a residence, criminal damage to property, and motor vehicle theft.

Sandoval Police say the incident began Monday at the Sherwood Apartments in Sandoval where police were called to remove a man, who turned out to be Kaufman. He allegedly ran to a house on Orchard Drive where he entered through a side door and was confronted by the homeowner. Kaufman then fled the home and two houses away got into a pickup truck, backed into a mailbox causing damage, and then fled the area.

Clinton County Sheriff’s Deputies became involved after receiving a report of a truck striking a light pole and crashing on Main Street near the railroad tracks in Shattuc. No one was around, as sheriff’s officials say Kaufman had apparently walked to a farm on U.S. 50 near Shattuc where he took another pickup truck that was later found abandoned on the railroad tracks.

The Clinton County canine ‘Cobus’ was brought in at that point to assist in a search. After picking up a scent from the vehicle, ‘Cobus’ led deputies to a wooded area with heavy brush. After being told to come out with his hands up, Kaufman allegedly jumped up and ran. ‘Cobus’ was then released and caught Kaufman, holding him by his leg until deputies could get to him.

Kaufman had the public defender appointed to represent him during his first appearance in court. He’s due back in court next Wednesday for his first appearance with an attorney.

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