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Centralia City Manager Asks for Duck Hunting to End at Raccoon Lake

April 26, 2017

Centralia City Manager Dan Ramey asked the city council Monday night to end duck hunting on Raccoon Lake and said a half-dozen owners of boat docks on Lake Centralia who haven’t paid the boat dock fees will now be asked to remove them.

Ramey feels the time for duck hunting at Raccoon Lake has passed.

“It is getting to be less and less of a fit. I’m just concerned that something will eventually be happening out there,” said Ramey. “The days the club houses out there are becoming less and less. It is becoming a very residential area that has been annexed into the city.”

Ramey says if the council doesn’t want to end duck hunting, they need to change the city ordinance that prohibits firing a gun in the city limits.

Ramey also announced $20,000 in fees have been collected for improvements to Lake Centralia through a boat dock fee implement last year. He now feels it’s time to take action against those who have refused to pay.

“I think we are down to six or seven that unfortunately that are just completely refusing to even talk to us any longer. I met with a couple that just said they are not going to pay. I’ve instructed the city attorney to take action to ask them to remove their docks,” said Ramey. “It’s not fair to the other 100-some people.”

Ramey said he planned to use some of the money to expand the public boat dock off Scout Road so it can dock four boats instead of the current two. The expansion will cost $9,500.

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