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Wamac Swears In City Officials

May 3, 2017

The Wamac City Council swore in their elected officials at Monday’s meeting. Mayor Butch Mathus was sworn in for another term. He then swore in incumbent clerk Marian Suhl. Treasurer Jackson was sworn in along with incumbent aldermen Rodgers, Faulkner and newly seated James Hall. Outgoing alderman Willie Phillips was thanked for his service on the council.

Jordan Haarman of AGE was present. The franchise agreement with Ameren has now taken place and the street light service is no longer at a reduced rate, as well as the city’s commercial accounts contract that will be up in December. A motion to renew the commercial accounts and add the street lights with Homefield
Energy once the new pricing comes in allowing the Mayor to sign to accept the quotes for a 36 month period.

Mathus also recommended the reappointment of David Smith as Superintendent and was approved by the council. Chief Prather was also reappointed as was the present zoning committee, Rogers was reappointed Mayor pro tem, Jeremy Howell as code enforcmenet and zoning for a 6 month probationary period and Howell reappointed as animal control officer.

The City of Vandalia has requested the Little Toot Train for June 24th. Wamac Clean Up Day will be set for May 17th. The rabies clinic was set for May 18th from 5-7 at the Wamac City Park. Mathus also said he intends to move forward on the dilapidated properties around the entire city.

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