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Centralia City Council Agrees To Phase Out Duck Hunting at Raccoon Lake

May 10, 2017

The Centralia City Council has agreed to phase out duck hunting at Raccoon Lake. City Manager Dan Ramey says current procedures will remain in place two more years before a ban takes place.

“I don’t think anybody was exactly happy. Some people would have liked to see it done away with 5 years ago some, some would like it done today. Some would like for it to continue on but I feel like 2 years of phasing it out was a fair thing that everyone can live with.”

Ramey says duck hunting will remain in place on Lake Centralia.

The council voted to seek bids to sell surplus property at 815 Arbor Lane, 908 North Elm and 320 South Maple. Lease bids will be south for 1954 Lee Lane on Lake Centralia. The council tabled for further investigation a settlement agreement and release of claims for property at 1504 Ullman Road.

A resolution was passed terminating participation by elected officials in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund. Mayor Tom Ashby noted none of the council members had been participating in the program that is designed for fulltime employees.

Two members of the council were sworn in for additional four year terms at the beginning of the meeting. Andre Marshall and Howard Jones were re-elected over two challengers in the April 4th election. Mayor Tom Ashby welcomed the two back to the city council.

“They are committed to giving back to our community by making Centralia a better place. Their commitment they have shown in the past is exhibited by the people and how they voted for them. It’s a real honor for us to have them here.”

Both Jones and Marshall thanked the voters for their support.

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