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East Main Street in Salem Reopened After Overturned Milk Truck Is Uprighted

May 22, 2017

A crew from Lander’s Towing was able to lift an overturned semi filled with milk products back onto its wheels Sunday morning.

The Prairie Farms Dairy Truck driven by 24-year-old Zach Drummond of Olney had flipped on its side after running up an embankment on the north side of the roadway after missing a small curve in the roadway where a new bridge was installed several years ago.

Roy Landers of Landers Towing says a lot of planning and preparation was needed before they were ready to lift the truck back up on its wheels.

“Without offloading it first, it had about 76,000 pounds,” said Landers. “We had to worry about the side of the trailer coming out and the cargo coming out on the road, so we had to make sure we had enough straps to hold the whole side of the trailer while we were lifting.”

Landers says everything worked perfectly and they were then able to pull the upright semi back onto the roadway so it could be hooked to a tow truck to be removed from the roadway. The entire process took about five hours, with a section of East Main closed for three and a half hours to allow crews to work.

Ameren took advantage of the road closure to put up a new street light to replace the one that had been knocked down during the wreck.

Both Salem Fire and Marion County EMS stationed equipment on the east side of the road closure to allow for quick response to any emergency calls. A lengthy detour was required to get around the closed section of roadway. An environmental company from St. Louis also stood by in case a problem developed with spilled milk when the truck was uprighted. That never became an issue.

Drummond walked away from the crash with just a minor injury and no hospital treatment. He had to push out the front window of the truck to get out of the vehicle following the crash that occurred during heavy rain around 5:15 Saturday morning.

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