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Truck Driver Loses Control, Flips Truck on Side on East Main Street in Salem

May 22, 2017

A 24-year-old Olney man received only minor injuries when the semi he was driving flipped over on its side along East Main Street near Lackey Drive early Saturday morning.

Salem Police say Zach Drummond was westbound on East Main when he lost control on the second curve in the roadway near the new bridge and jumped the curb. He said he didn’t see the curve due to darkness and the heavy rain. His rig first struck and knocked down a concrete light pole before going up an embankment on the north side of the road and flipping on its side back towards the highway. It came to rest just off the westbound lane across from Lackey Street.

Police says Drummond broke out the windshield in the truck to get out of the vehicle. He sustained only a minor injury and did not seek hospital treatment.

The truck was loaded with Milk Products from Prairie Farms Dairy. Drummond had left the dairy plant in Olney earlier in the morning. None of the product spilled onto the highway.

An effort began to remove the truck Saturday morning, but the effort stopped due to the heavy storm activity.

The removal of the truck is now scheduled for Sunday morning. Salem Police say the work will begin at eight am and last until about noon. No traffic will be possible between Shelby and Edgewood Lane during that time period. You are asked to find an alternative route.

Salem Police say through traffic can take Route 37 south to Cross Road for cars and Cartter Roads for trucks. Both those roads will take you to County Farm Road, which you can take north to rejoin U.S. 50.

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