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Marion County Highway Department Closes Second Bridge

June 17, 2017

The Marion County Highway Department is closing a bridge on the Norton Road over Turkey Creek.

Highway Engineer Michael McCormick says the timber pilings that hold up the bridge are rotting. He notes an eight ton weight limit had been placed on the bridge a year and a half ago and it had been restricted to one lane traffic, but the condition has worsened.

McCormick says Marion County and the Odin Township Road Commissioner will seek funds again this year to replace the bridge. He notes a similar request was made last year, but funding was not available. The estimated cost of a replacement bridge is $360,000.

McCormick says constructing a new bridge is likely a three year process and everyone should count on using different routes for some time. He notes there are alternate routes available for everyone, but for some it will mean a longer trip. The road carries about 125 to 150 vehicles a day.

This is the second bridge the highway department has had to close this month. The River Road bridge over Skillet Fork east of Iuka was also closed until funding could be obtained for a new bridge.

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