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House approves a budget proposal

July 1, 2017

SPRINGFIELD — The House has just voted to approve an omnibus appropriations amendment 90-25.

Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan rose after the vote to thank GOPLeader Jim Durkin and the Republicans who voted for the amendment.

Madigan said he thinks it’s a good step forward and a step they can build upon but there’s much work still to be done. Therefore the House will be in session tomorrow.

He said he will quickly send a message to the bond rating agencies asking them to defer credit ratings on the state of Illinois until they have sufficient time to work things out.

The Chicago Democrat said he will next be convening a meeting of the leaders today to talk about non-budget issues and  will also convene a meeting of interested parties on the revenue bill.

Negotiations continue on issues unrelated to the budget that Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner insists must be addressed before acceding to a budget.

They include a four-year property tax freeze, cost-cutting pension-benefits changes and reforms to workers compensation.

The state has a $6 billion deficit and $15 billion in overdue bills. Credit agencies have threatened to downgrade Illinois debt to “junk.”


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