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DHS, FBI aware of possible hacking at US nuclear facilities

July 9, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Homeland Security Department and the FBI say they are aware of apparent efforts to hack into business and administrative networks at U.S. nuclear and energy facilities.

DHS says in a statement that there is no threat to public safety. The agency says it routinely advises the private sector of possible cyber threats.

The government statement comes amid multiple reports that nuclear and electrical power may have been targeted by hackers.

A spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute has said that no nuclear reactors have been affected. Had any facilities been impact by a cyber-attack a publicly available report would have to be made to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

“Bloomberg News” reports U.S. officials say the chief suspect is Russia.  The officials warn the attackers could be positioning themselves to eventually disrupt the nation’s power supply, and noted that a general alert was distributed to U.S. utilities a week ago.

They say Russian hackers previously took down parts of the electrical grid in Ukraine, and appear to be testing more advanced ways to disrupt power supplies.


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