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Chicago man arrested after threatening to kill Centralia woman

July 18, 2017

CENTRALIA — A 32-year-old Chicago man was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly threatened to kill a Centralia woman for money to get him back to Chicago.

Andrew Mattox
(Source: MCSO)

According to Centralia police, Andrew Mattox was arrested Friday for alleged armed robbery, unlawful restraint, domestic battery, and aggravated assault.

Reports say Mattox had met the woman online and had traveled to Centralia to meet her in person.

When she told Mattox she didn’t have money for him to get back to Chicago he allegedly put a knife to her throat until she agreed to take money out of the ATM.

Mattox allegedly ordered the woman into the passenger side of his pickup truck as he went to the back of the truck to allegedly get something to kill her with.

While he was in the back, she reportedly jumped into the driver’s seat and drove the truck to the Centralia Police Department to report the incident.

Mattox had allegedly taken the woman’s phone and as she was reporting the alleged incident to police he called them to report his truck had been stolen.

Police questioned Mattox and after watching housing authority video surveillance of the Maulding Drive apartment that appeared to support the woman’s story Mattox was taken into custody. He remains in the Marion County Jail.

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