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Centralia City Council to Seek Bids on Animal Shelter Expansion

July 26, 2017

The Centralia Animal Shelter is being expanded to better serve the public and provide nicer conditions for the animals.

City Manager Dan Ramey received city council approval Monday night to seek bids on construction of the shell building for the 26 x 30 foot addition.

“There will be five rooms where people will actually be seeing the animals there. We would still have animals in the back. A couple of those rooms would be for example the cats have to be put in cages right now, but the friendly cats which is a majority of them by far, would actually be able to be put in a room together and we could have just like a carpet trees and stuff where they don’t have to be just stuck in a cage there.”

Ramey says the facility will also provide a better location for the public to look over available animals. He notes only 10-percent of the animals brought to the shelter are now being euthanized and he’s hopeful with the expansion that number will decrease further. Ramey says once the shell building is up, city crews will complete the interior of the building. The budget includes $15,000 for the shell building.

The council also agreed to seek bids for a new heating and air conditioning system for the new city hall building in the former Community Resource Center location at Broadway and Locust downtown. Ramey notes the current boiler system is still functioning, but won’t be cost efficient.

“I think we are losing about 30% efficiency which means its using 30% more power or dollars to do it. Plus its a concern over time its going to be a maintenance item.”

The new system is for the first floor. It will be zoned so unused areas won’t need to be heated and cooled. Ramey says the cost savings from the new system will easily pay for itself.

Ramey reported through negotiation with Blue Cross Blue Shield an 18 percent increase in the employee health insurance plan has been brought down to 4.7-percent. Since the increase is under five percent, the city will pick up the total increase under the union contracts. Ramey is pleased the city will be able to keep what he calls a ‘cadillac health insurance plan’ that Blue Cross doesn’t even offer to new customers.

Ramey announced the new 94 foot long pier has been installed at Point Park on Raccoon Lake. He reports the city is already receiving tremendous compliments and he expects usage of the park to increase. Some minor improvements will be made to the parking and lane striping to handle more vehicles.

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