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Wamac Changes Some Ordinances

August 4, 2017

The Village of Wamac Board has made several amendments and changes to their Ordinance Book at this week’s meeting, however the City Attorney has a few changes to add before the board approves the changes.

The attorney told the Board that the question as to the legality of gambling machines at the Industrial Tavern and other places in town was addressed in separate portions of the ordinance book. He recommended moving everything together and starting the new ordinance by saying “except as otherwise prohibited”. State law says that the old Cherry and Poker Machines are not legal, however the newer licensed machines that are in Wamac are all in compliance and legal.

In other recommendations, the attorney recommended the age to serve alcoholic beverages should be kept at 19-years-old instead of going to 21. The fines for General Nuisances, such as junk on property, will be changed to a maximum fine of $750 which is the max allowed by the State of Illinois. The fine for overgrown weeds in your yard will go from a minimum fine of $200 to $50 but a maximum fine of $750 instead of the previous $500. He also recommends adding E-Cigarettes to the ordinance that says you must be 18 to buy.

Zoning Officer Jim Hall has mailed out 30-day cleanup notices to 24 property owners to comply with the ordinance for dilapidated properties. He has authorization to issue citations if they aren’t cleaned up, however if anyone who receives a letter would call Hall to explain the situation and as long as he continues to see improvement, he will not issue a ticket. You can contact Hall to make arrangements at 267-2255.

In other action, the Board approved an additional $150 to be added to the fund that will be used to put cameras up in the City Park. The total raised now sits at $1350. As he does every month, Mayor Butch Mathis donated his check back to the City with the stipulation that it be donated this month to the Shop with a Cop Program.

Bill and Rhonda Nehrt also asked the board to have the zoning fee to build a new home at 217 Plum Street waived because of the extensive and costly cleanup they have gone through to be able to build. The Board agreed they were doing a good job in making the entire area look better and waived the $150 fee.

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